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How We Work

Our first meeting is a free, one hour consultation.  It includes a complete review of your existing estate plan and investments.  We will explain to you exactly where your plan is weak and where it is strong relative to your goals.  If you do not have an estate plan, we will start from scratch with what your plan should include.  We will explain to you exactly what is needed in everyday language.  We will calculate your family’s Federal Estate taxes and the combined 75% to 80% Estate and Income taxes to your IRA.

We will discuss bloodline protection and asset protection strategies which will fully protect the assets you leave to your children and grandchildren from Divorce, Lawsuits, Creditors and the IRS.  We will analyze all the tax reduction strategies available to you as well as review any old life insurance policies to ensure their efficiency. If applicable, we will price exactly what a new life insurance policy should cost to cover all the taxes at a tremendous discount, assuming you could qualify medically.  Finally, we will let you know what the total flat cost would be for the Heinz & Associates team to complete and implement your plan; including all the documents, all the tax planning and the life insurance.  We can complete your Estate Plan and have it in force within sixty to ninety days.

Most Common Mistakes in Estate Plans

  • Not protecting assets in the event of a divorced child
  • Naming just your spouse as Primary Beneficiary
  • Naming just your children as Contingent Beneficiary of your Retirement Plan. This beneficiary designation leaves the possibility of disinheriting your grandchildren.  The beneficiary designations need to coordinate with your entire estate plan.
  • Owning assets outside the State of Georgia directly and not in trust. This exposes these assets to unnecessary, expensive and time consuming ancillary probate.
  • Often times an attorney draws up excellent documents and gives a set of directions to rename assets and beneficiary. It is cost prohibitive for the attorney to follow up to make sure the plan is complete.
  • Not preparing the children for the money. Heinz & Associates includes in our pricing a family meeting. These meetings can be done during holidays or by conference call to accommodate families that are spread throughout the world.