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About Heinz & Associates, Inc.

Heinz & Associates, Inc. has clients with net worth from $3,000,000 to $350,000,000.  We are dedicated to our clients to assure all the parts of their financial plan work together to accomplish their goals.  We understand that most of our clients are more concerned with financial security than risking principal for large return of their money.  Our primary goal is to secure our clients’ lifestyle for their life and the life of their spouse. Our secondary goal is to help our clients leave their children a legacy that will empower instead of poison.

Bill Heinz started in the financial business in 1948 with his cousin, Al Daniel.  They decided to incorporate in 1962 as Heinz-Daniel Associates, Inc.  In 1983, Bill Heinz bought out Al Daniel to own 100% of Heinz-Daniel.  In 1996, the financial and insurance business separated from the Pension Administration firm creating Heinz & Associates, Inc. and Heinz Investments.  Heather Heinz Szyperski took full ownership and management on Charles Heinz’s passing in March 2020.

Heather Heinz Szyperski is President of Heinz & Associates.